Think Before You Blog
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Think Before You Blog

From an interview with Michael Wolff:

I’m not a fan of the idea that I should be a blogger, let me say that. One should probably be distrustful of blogs. One should probably be distrustful of most things one reads. The quicker the things that you read are written, the more you should be distrustful of them.

I find, as a general rule, that the less I think before I speak, the more likely I am to say something useless.

Is traditional journalism superior to blogging because it has a multi-step editorial process? Well, we’ve certainly seen Old Media make lot’s of mistakes, so it has no reason to feel superior.

But I do think that the easier it is to publish something, the greater the risk of publishing something useless. Now, many bloggers publish thought pieces that knock the socks off of Old Media articles. I’m talking here about risk.

I find it hard to do myself, but we should all try a little harder to think before we blog.