Is Google Like a #1 Band on the Decline?
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Is Google Like a #1 Band on the Decline?

Chartreuse synthesizes all of the negative press on Google’s new products and, impressively, invokes Prince in mapping out a possible downhill run for Google:

It was said at his peak that Prince was so popular that he could put out a record of himself coughing and it would sell. To see if it was true Prince coughed at the beginning of the official Raspberry Beret video. The record and video were hits.

“Around The World In A Day� is a decent album. Fans like me thought it was great. But others looked at like it was…GoogleBase.

Now people still love you and will give you leeway. Just like Prince, Google has a lot of goodwill stored.

Maybe I don’t see the full vision be behind Google Sets or Google Page Creator. But I think they are really Google’s version of …�Under The Cherry Moon� and I just don’t feel it.

Pete Cashmore calls it Google’s “Spray and Pray” strategy.

Catchy phrases to describe misgivings about your strategy — and references to the band Oasis (see Chartreuse) — not good signs for Google.