Bloggers Can Be Journalists
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Bloggers Can Be Journalists

Thanks to Dick Costolo, zen master entrepreneur and all around righteous dude, who cited Publishing 2.0 as one of his favorite blogs in a WSJ piece about 10 years of blogging, I got asked to make a video. Choosing from a bunch of questions, I decided to go serious on the blogger vs. journalist (non)issue, and recorded the video below in a hotel room late at night after traveling all day and before presenting at a conference early the next morning. Those excuses aside, I think it’s safe to say that video blogging isn’t for everyone.

But blogging, video or otherwise, absolutely can be journalism — see the rant for yourself (which is intended for those outside the circle of blogger navel gazers who have tread over this issue many times).

Anyway, thanks Dick — you are way too kind, and I am not worthy. And kudos to WSJ for letting bloggers speak for themselves unedited, and for using an embeddable video player.

Oh, and thanks to all of you reading this who work hard to keep me honest — you guys rock.