Structured Blogging Does Exist

Leave it to a librarian to demonstrate that blog posts don’t have to be free-wheeling, loosely-structured, rambling opinion pieces with healthy doses of rant and snark, but can instead be structured, elegantly-organized, thoughtful and sober explanations of important topics. I discovered InfoTangle, a blog by Ellyssa Kroski, a reference librarian at Columbia University (also a consultant).

Check out Ellyssa’s posts on Authority in the Age of the Amateur and The Hype and the Hullabaloo of Web 2.0, complete with annotated references! The latter may be the most cogent, sober overview of Web 2.0 I’ve ever read.

This is blogging for normal people who haven’t drunk barrels of Koolaid — it’s quite refreshing. Maybe there is intelligent life in the blogosphere.