Bogs and the Website-less
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Bogs and the Website-less

Try searching for “blogs” on Dog Pile — it asks: “Did you mean: bogs?” Maybe it’s been a long day, but I thought that was too funny.

But not as funny as Scoble’s comments on Google’s Web Page Creator:

the Office Live team tells me that 45% of small businesses don’t have a Web site at all.

Congrats to Google for trying to do something to bring more people onto the Web.

Do these businesses have running water, a phone line, or electricity? If you’re a business without a website in 2006, how likely is it because you couldn’t find a reasonably easy and cheap way to make a website?

Try Googling “free website” — even GeoCities is still around, for goodness sake.

I wonder whether people running businesses without websites have even heard of Google.

With all due respect, I’m sure there are many good reasons why some businesses don’t have websites, but I’m very skeptical that the absence of Google Web Page Creator is one of them.