Publish2 Election News Network Update
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Publish2 Election News Network Update

Jack Lail, an editor and journalist with a deep understanding of the web, big vision, and a “let’s do it” innovator’s spirit, set out to publish “the best Tennessee election coverage that can be found on the Internet” — he rounded up a group of journalists and bloggers, set them up on Publish2, and off they went:


Check out the details over on the Publish2 Blog — please subscribe to the Publish2 Blog if you’d like to learn how editors and journalists are using Publish2 to drive innovation in the newsroom and enhance reporting.

Here’s an overview of the Publish2 Election News Network, which I’ll be updating as it evolves.

Bill Densmore at New England News Forum is cranking up their effort — more to come.

It’s not too late to emulate what is doing for Tuesday — if you’re interested, email me at scott.karp (at) publish2 (dot) com and I’ll get you set up in a snap. It’s free! You can register for Publish2 here.