Did I Invent Facebook Beacon?
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Did I Invent Facebook Beacon?

I came across a post I wrote last summer about Facebook monetization and was horrified to read the following:

What if there were a way for companies to identify which Facebook users were actually using their products, and then create a mechanism for the users to highlight their use of the product to their friends — and then put those users into the economic value chain.

I checked Google Analytics, and sure enough, this post received 3 visits from the thefacebook.com domain on July 12 when it was published, and again on July 24.


Facebook Beacon was announced on November 6 — that would be nearly four months of development time, and considering what a mess they made of it…

You don’t think…

This is absurd, of course, but on the 0.000001% chance it’s not — I’M SO SORRY.

(The horror, the horror)