Google Search Ad Spam
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Google Search Ad Spam

Have you noticed how much spam there is in Google search ads? I was doing the periodic ego search that we all do and found this:

![Google Scott]( Scott.jpg)

Click on the top ad on the right and you’ll find this:

Web Loan

Maybe the guy in the picture is named Scott, but other than that I can’t figure out what this has to do with the keyword “Scott.”

The two other ads are at least selling products related to the word Scott (although it’s hard to tell from the ad copy). But they couldn’t get the top spot because is essentially spamming this keyword.

Try Googling “Karp” and you find the same thing:

![Google Karp]( Karp.jpg)

Click on the top ad and you’ll find:

J.L. Industries

So what is up with all this spam? How can AdWords make any claim to being an efficient marketplace? And what about relevancy — clearly these keywords were sold to the highest bidder, the hell with relevancy.

Paging Danny Sullivan.