Is Rocketboom Amanda or Andrew or Both?
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Is Rocketboom Amanda or Andrew or Both?

Oh, the existential crisis (and real personal trauma) of it all — Amanda Congdon and Andrew Baron of the hugely popular Rocketboom videoblog have parted ways, which raises the question — who is Rocketboom?

Mike Arrington says, “Amanda was RocketBoom.”

Jason Calacanis says in an open letter to Amanda, “When you’re the talent you build brand equity, you cash in on that brand and then you take it to the next level.”

Dave Winer reports, “I’m pretty sure Amanda wanted to take the show to Los Angeles and leave Andrew and the rest of the people at Rocketboom behind.”

Steve Rubel observes “both Lennon and McCartney went on to be very successful in their own right after the Beatles broke up”

Andrew Baron plans for Rocketboom to “go on” without Amanda.

I pondered this issue when Dave Winer decided to abandon Scripting News.

But with Rocketboom, the issue is even more complex. Andrew was co-writer, creative collaborator, and the inventor of Rocketboom. But Amanda was not just the voice, she was the face. And together they created a $40,000/week property.

Old media has wrangled with these issues for decades. Blogging has made it big — but with success comes the big, tough issues.

And now I read that Ken Lay is dead. Man, what a day. I’m calling it a night.


Amanda lays it all out — wow, this is even uglier than I imagined. Blogging may be a “revolution,” but people are still people.