Those MySpace Kids
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Those MySpace Kids

Hi everyone! So this is this my first blog and my mom is going to kill me. She told me that she doesn’t want be to be like those myspace kids. So in an effort to let her sleep at night there’s no crazy stuff on this blog that could potentially tarnish my inpeccable rep.

This an actual blog post from a student blogger in an intro to digital media course at a top-tier university (in which Publishing 2.0 is required reading, which is both neat and scary). I’m purposely not linking to this post because I don’t want to give this novice blogger a rude awaking to how open the web is — nor do I want to get her in trouble with her mom.

My point here, of course, is to take aim again at my de facto favorite target: MySpace. You have all the necessary ingredients here for the demise of a youth-driven phenomenon:

  1. “My mom is going to kill me”
  2. “Let [my mom] sleep at night”
  3. “Tarnish my impeccable rep”
  4. “Those myspace kids”

Following my recent publicity as a noted MySpace skeptic, I’ve been getting emails from lots of aspiring MySpace killer sites who smell blood in the water. More on that to come.

(Lesson to novice bloggers: Thanks to the miracle of web stats, all links are traceable back to the source. In the digital age, your required reading may write back.)