Better Opportunity to Sell FTC Violating PayPerPost Ads Than MySpace Ads?

One sales executive apparently sees more opportunity selling ads for PayPerPost, whose no-disclosure-required policy was just declared a big No-No by the FTC, than selling ads for MySpace (via PayPerPost blog):

Randy Mountz, former vice president of sales for’s Midwest region, has joined PayPerPost as the company’s vice president of sales, a new position.

Also notable:

In a novel move, PayPerPost utilized the its own platform to assist in recruiting Mountz. The company paid a handful of the consumer content generators in its network to create Web videos designed to entice Mountz to join the PayPerPost team. The videos, posted on YouTube, demonstrated the power of the platform to Mountz, and were instrumental in attracting Mountz to his new Position.

Who knows what the back-story is, but on the surface it would seem that Mountz’s decision to sell an ad format that can result in government fines isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of the growth opportunities in ad sales at MySpace. Of course, this deal appears to have been done before the FTC announcement…still interesting, given the endless MySpace worship in the media (such as all the fuss over MySpace’s web-design-driven ascension to the #1 page-view spot), you’d think they wouldn’t have trouble retaining anyone if they were having runaway success in “monetization.”