Digg and Calacanis Bush-whack Critics
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Digg and Calacanis Bush-whack Critics

So Digg has been accused of gaming its own system, censorship, and other “undemocratic” behavior — perhaps more evidence that 2.0 isn’t as 2.0 as the hype machines wants you to think it is.

Kevin Rose’s response is positively Bushian in his refusal to admit any possible wrongdoing.

But I was blown away by Jason Calacanis’ Bush-whacking of Digg and all other 2.0 critics:

It’s funny… the reward for being successful in the blogosphere is now pure hate (check Scoble, Gawker, Engadget, MySpace, etc). The Internet industry used to be competitive, but because the freak contingent didn’t have blogs you could basically ignore them.

Today, as a startup, the freak contingent (aka haters) can take over your life if you let them. They bait you all day long, they look for your weak spots and attack them, and the facts are–of course–secondary to the splashy headline. Anything social runs the risk of being taken over by the bastards… look at Wikipedia. It’s becoming a field day for flammers, haters, stalkers, and freaks. The whole thing is on the verge of coming apart. It’s total chaos.

To be honest… I kind of like.

These freaks are the best focus group you could ever have, and frankly people are learning who the freaks are who the cool people are.

Those who are critical of hyped-up startups are “freaks” and “haters” and “bastards”?!? Too bad you can’t ignore them because they have blogs and a real voice now?!? We should lament the total chaos because the barbarians came through the gates when we threw them open?!?

Not very 2.0 of Jason to want to squash criticism through ad hominem attacks — now that Scott McLellan is out of a job, mayber he can write (or front) for Calacanis.

I will gladly wear the mantle of Calacanis’ freak/hater/bastard — if I ever become one of Jason’s “cool people,” please tell me and I’ll quit blogging immediately.