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[The pressure’s now on Yang and Yahoo]( San Jose Mercury News, USA - 54 minutes ago By Elise Ackerman For three months, the company he co-founded and now runs has followed that mantra as it resisted Microsoft’s effort to buy the Sunnyvale **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[A Step Back for Microsoft]( New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago By STEVE LOHR Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, walked away from a Yahoo deal on Saturday still looking for an answer to his company’s **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Yahoo CEO to Face Tough Challenges Ahead]( DailyTech, IL - 1 hour ago Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang may have fended off Microsoft, but he may face even bigger challenges tomorrow. The Yahoo/Microsoft saga finally came to a conclusion **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft pulls out. Whats next for Yahoo?](, CA - 1 hour ago By Lilian Kim SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Yahoo shareholders could be in for a rude awakening after Microsoft dropped its offer to buy the company. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft pulls out of Yahoo takeover](, Australia - 1 hour ago Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer says he cannot justify paying $US37 a share for Yahoo, and has all but given up his attempt to acquire the search **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo’s AOL, Google deals still in the works]( CNET, CA - 1 hour ago Microsoft may no longer be breathing down its neck, but Yahoo is still working on major deals with Google and Time Warner’s AOL that could significantly **…**
[Microsoft may seek other deal to fight Google](, UK - 2 hours ago By Anupreeta Das SAN FRANCISCO, May 4 (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp could seek a variety of deals after walking away from Yahoo Inc, but few would be **…**![]([GOOG]( – [MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[With Microsoft walking away from Yahoo, all eyes are on Jerry Yang]( San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 2 hours ago (05-04) 17:57 PDT SUNNYVALE — Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang is under intense pressure now that Microsoft Corp. has withdrawn its mega merger proposal for the **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo! prices itself out of deal with Microsoft](, United Kingdom - 2 hours ago Internet search engine says it is about to enter the ‘most important transition’ in its history after spurning software giant’s unwelcome overtures. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[After Deal Dies, Yahoo Weighs Its Next Move]( New York Times, United States - 2 hours ago By MIGUEL HELFT SAN FRANCISCO — How low will Yahoo’s stock go on Monday? And how long will it stay there? These questions are high in the minds of Yahoo **…**![]([YHOO](
[Microsoft ends bid for Yahoo]( - 2 hours ago A couple of days ago the software maker upped its bid $5 billion USD, a 70 percent premium compared to its inital offer in January. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft’s loss is Google’s gain]( Scopical, Australia - 2 hours ago Microsoft has abandoned it’s plans to takeover second-placing internet search giant Yahoo!, saying the cost was too high. Microsoft had sought to takeover **…**![]([MSFT]( – [GOOG]( – [YHOO](
[MicroHoo we hardly knew ye](;1958654145) Computerworld Australia, Australia - 2 hours ago Read up on the latest ideas and technologies from companies that sell hardware, software and services. Zones provide focussed content from Computerworld and **…**
[Yahoo set to plunge after Microsoft’s $46bn bid is withdrawn]( Independent, UK - 3 hours ago By Sean Farrell Yahoo shares are set to tumble today after its dismissal of an improved $46.5bn (£23.6bn) takeover approach from Microsoft prompted the **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft pulls out of Yahoo! purchase]( Trading Markets (press release), CA - 3 hours ago May 04, 2008 (The Australian Financial Review – ABIX via COMTEX) — — Microsoft has withdrawn its hostile $US44.6 billion offer for Yahoo!, stating that **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [TYO:4689](
[Timeline: Microsoft’s secret Yahoo meetings]( Seattle Post Intelligencer - 3 hours ago Now that Microsoft has withdrawn its bid for Yahoo, new details are emerging about the behind-the-scenes discussions between the companies. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft plus Yahoo: Is it really over?]( MarketWatch - 4 hours ago By John Letzing, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — With the Microsoft Corp. acquisition offer that buoyed its stock now a thing of the past, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo]( Financial Post, Canada - 4 hours ago NEW YORK — After successfully fending off an unwanted takeover attempt by Microsoft Corp., Jerry Yang, Yahoo! Inc. chief executive, may have a new foe to **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[TechSpin: What Now for Yahoo and Microsoft?]( Red Herring, CA - 4 hours ago by Joel Dreyfuss It’s not the end of the story, to borrow a line from “The Matrix,” but just the beginning for both Microsoft and Yahoo. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Rejected Microsoft rounds on Yahoo! over Google deal](, United Kingdom - 4 hours ago By Richard Tyler Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, has warned Yahoo! that it faces ruin if it pushes ahead with a planned advertising deal with **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Who Can Compete With Google?]( ABC News - 4 hours ago By GIGI STONE It was supposed to create a new top result for the Web search, “Who rules the Internet?” Microsoft, by aquiring Yahoo, was going to become big **…**![]([GOOG](
[Microsoft drops bid after Yahoo rejects higher offer]( USA Today - 4 hours ago By Jon Swartz, USA TODAY SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft (MSFT) dropped its blockbuster bid to acquire Yahoo (YHOO) late Saturday, after the two tech titans could **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Investors eye Yahoo’s alternatives to Microsoft]( IT Business Net, CA - 4 hours ago By Michele Gershberg and Anupreeta Das A woman jogs in front of Yahoo! headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, February 1, 2008. REUTERS/Kimberly White NEW **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo braves shareholders’ ire in refusing Microsoft’s $47bn offer](, UK - 4 hours ago A Times Square news ticker flashes a headline about Microsoft above a billboard for Yahoo! in New York. Photograph: Mark Lennihan/AP Yahoo is in danger of a **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[‘Microsoft can do it without Yahoo’]( Daily Times, Pakistan - 4 hours ago Microsoft can build a competitive online advertising business without Yahoo but it ‘could just take more time,’ CEO Steve Ballmer told the Wall Street **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[WSJ BLOG: Microsoft-Yahoo: Translating Ballmer s Letter]( - 4 hours ago What did Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) Chief Executive Steve Ballmer really mean in his rejection letter to Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang ? **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [TYO:4689](
[Microsoft walks away from Yahoo deal saying price is too high]( San Jose Mercury News, USA - 4 hours ago By Pete Carey and Elise Ackerman Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer vowed last week not to pay “a dime” more than he thought Yahoo was worth, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Gives Up On Yahool Deal]( TrustedReviews, UK - 4 hours ago Three months on from its original bid and after placing a further $5bn on the table (bringing the total to $49.6bn) Microsoft has given up its hopes of **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft pulls plug on bid for Yahoo]( Scotsman, United Kingdom - 4 hours ago By Jane Bradley MICROSOFT has walked away from its bid for internet search giant Yahoo after the firm rejected its increased offer of $47.5 billion (£24bn). **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Yahoo has ‘Monkey Boy’ Going Bananas]( DaniWeb, VA - 4 hours ago I’ve never liked Steve Ballmer very much as president of Microsoft. I don’t know the man personally, of course, and I could never quite put my finger on my **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Moves ON]( KCBS, CA - 4 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Investors are expected to react Monday to Microsoft’s withdrawal of a $47.5 takeover bid for Internet search pioneer, Yahoo, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[How Microsoft abandoned its bid for Yahoo!]( Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 4 hours ago Microsoft has abandoned its blockbuster bid to acquire the internet giant Yahoo! after a fresh takeover offer of almost $US50 billion ($53.4 billion) was **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer’s Out? When Pigs Fly!]( All Things D Blogs, CA - 4 hours ago The blogosphere immediately jumped all over the inevitable meme that after the Yahoo deal fell apart Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s job was at risk. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft and Yahoo: Not even on the same page]( CNET, CA - 5 hours ago Despite a brief moment of optimism heading into Saturday, Microsoft and Yahoo were really never closer to doing a merger deal than two ships passing in the **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Sizing up Microsoft and Yahoo: Did anybody win?]( Computerworld, MA - 5 hours ago By Linda Rosencrance May 4, 2008 (Computerworld) Now that Microsoft Corp. has dropped its bid to take over Yahoo Inc., industry analysts assessed what **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Stunned by Yahoo’s Snubs]( CNBC, NJ - 5 hours ago With Microsoft now walking away from its unsolicited bid for Yahoo, new details are emerging as to just how bizarre these negotiations — or lack thereof **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft’s loss of Yahoo! is Google’s gain]( Times Online, UK - 5 hours ago As Microsoft and Yahoo! squabbled their way into an impasse, the clear winner is Google. The market-leading search engine is left with two competitors, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Summary Box: Yahoo faces pressure after Microsoft ends bid]( The Associated Press - 5 hours ago THE FALLING OUT: Microsoft Corp. withdrew a takeover bid after Yahoo Inc. said it wouldn’t sell for less than $37 per share. Microsoft wasn’t willing to pay **…**
[Microsoft gets the shaft by Yahoo]( Neoseeker - 5 hours ago After trying to acquire Internet company Yahoo! before (at 31 per share), Microsoft has thrown in the towel after their recent second offer. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer may get second bite at Yahoo!]( Times Online, UK - 5 hours ago Only three months ago Microsoft had seemed so bold. After more than a year scouring Yahoo!’s books, with the aid of Morgan Stanley bankers and Blackstone, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Yahoo CEO on hot seat after rebuffing Microsoft’s $47.5B bid]( KESQ, CA - 6 hours ago AP – May 4, 2008 5:34 PM ET SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang has gotten his chance to prove his company is worth more than the $47.5 **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[AOL contacts Microsoft as Steve Ballmer walks away from Yahoo! bid]( Times Online, UK - 6 hours ago AOL, the internet arm of Time Warner, has approached Microsoft about a possible tie-up as a deal between the software group and Yahoo! unravelled, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[AP Business NewsBrief at 5:00 pm EDT]( TMCnet - 6 hours ago (AP Online Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Yahoo CEO on hot seat after rebuffing Microsoft’s $47.5B bidSAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Jerry **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [CAG](
[AP Top News at 5:00 pm EDT]( TMCnet - 6 hours ago (AP Online Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Cyclone kills at least 351 in Myanmar, state-run TV reportsYANGON, Myanmar (AP) _ A powerful cyclone killed more than **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft drops Yahoo bid: Reaction from around the Web]( Seattle Times, United States - 6 hours ago There’s no shortage of punditry and analysis on Microsoft’s decision late Saturday to walk away from its proposed purchase of Yahoo. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Yang’s Email to Yahoo Staff]( Wall Street Journal - 6 hours ago today microsoft announced that it has withdrawn its proposal to acquire yahoo!. from the beginning of this process, our independent board and leadership **…**![]([YHOO](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo acquisition]( Computerworld, MA - 6 hours ago By Juan Carlos Perez May 3, 2008 (IDG News Service) Microsoft Corp. has dropped its nearly three-month-long pursuit of Yahoo Inc., ending a historic **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Expert: Microsoft should refocus on software]( Seattle Post Intelligencer - 6 hours ago One outside expert in a unique position to assess Microsoft’s prospects, following the withdrawal of its Yahoo bid, is Michael Cusumano, a professor at **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[AP Top News at 5:00 pm EDT]( The Associated Press - 6 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Yahoo Inc. Chief Executive Jerry Yang has gotten what he wanted: a chance to prove his company is worth more than the $47.5 billion **…**
[TIMELINE: Microsoft attempt to buy Yahoo]( Reuters - 6 hours ago (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp on Saturday ended a three-month public effort to buy Yahoo Inc. Following is a timeline of key events in the corporate courtship, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Flags Yahoo Bid]( Newsroom America, New Zealand - 7 hours ago The BBC reports that the chief executive of the software giant, Steve Ballmer, withdrew Microsoft’s three-month-old bid in a letter to Yahoo chief executive **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Ballmer Wisely Doesn’t Overplay Microsoft’s Hand]( Seeking Alpha, NY - 7 hours ago As expected and discussed recently, Microsoft (MSFT) did raise its offer for Yahoo! (YHOO) to $33 a share. Also as expected, Yahoo! wanted more. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft walks away from Yahoo acquisition – Google wins]( TG Daily - 7 hours ago By Wolfgang Gruener Redmond (WA) – Microsoft has pulled the emergency brake and decided that it will not pursue a purchase of Yahoo. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[As Deal Unravels, Pressure Is on Yahoo to Perform]( CNBC, NJ - 7 hours ago By Reuters | 04 May 2008 | 03:37 PM ET Now that Microsoft has withdrawn it’s bid, the pressure is on Yahoo to prove it can revive its languishing stock **…**![]([YHOO](
[Without Yahoo!, Microsoft is left to continue failing alone]( CNET Blogs, CA - 7 hours ago Microsoft has officially pulled out of its offer for Yahoo!. With Yahoo! goes Microsoft’s best chance to transform its culture and technology to become more **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[MicroHoo: The End of the Beginning]( New York Times Blogs, NY - 7 hours ago It has always been a bit of a mystery why Microsoft didn’t immediately go fully hostile on Yahoo after the first round of letters and Yahoo’s initial **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withdraws offer to buy Yahoo](, Canada - 8 hours ago Microsoft on Saturday abandoned its bid to buy Yahoo because the two sides can’t agree on a sale price. In a letter sent to Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer seals all Yahoo exits]( Reuters - 8 hours ago Microsoft dumped its offer to buy Yahoo on Saturday. A closer reading of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s letter to Yahoo’s Jerry Yang shows Microsoft is **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft drops bid to acquire Yahoo!]( Hindu, India - 8 hours ago New York/Silicon Valley: Software giant Microsoft has abandoned its three-month-old bid to buy Yahoo! after the two failed to agree on an acceptable price. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[The Real Losers in the Failed Microsoft-Yahoo Deal]( Appscout, NY - 8 hours ago Officially, it’s now two days after Microsoft walked away from the Yahoo deal. However, given the little information currently available (statements from **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo’s Deterrents Pay Off, Microsoft Walks Away]( eFluxMedia - 8 hours ago By Dan Keane Microsoft today announced that it has officially withdrawn its proposal to acquire Yahoo. Ballmer has also published his letter to Yahoo’s boss **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft walks away from Yahoo deal]( Business Standard, India - 8 hours ago Microsoft on Saturday withdrew its takeover offer for Yahoo as the internet company continued to reject the terms of the proposed deal, despite a higher **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft has options after dropping Yahoo bid]( MSNBC - 8 hours ago By Allison Linn Microsoft’s decision to drop its pursuit of rival Yahoo could free the software giant to strike other deals aimed at better competing with **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft-Yahoo. Ahhh. What could have been.]( Conde Nast Portfolio, NY - 8 hours ago Well, since it won’t be, technology websites began handicapping what happens next and trying to figure out what went wrong between Steve and Jerry. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Timeline: Microsoft, Yahoo’s merger-and-acquisition dance]( The Associated Press - 8 hours ago A chronology of events leading to Microsoft Corp.’s decision to abandon its offer for Web search and advertising competitor Yahoo Inc.: Feb. **…**
[Competitive zeal of Ballmer key element in Yahoo chase]( The Associated Press - 8 hours ago REDMOND, Wash. (AP) — As Yahoo continued to resist Microsoft’s $42 billion takeover offer, a key question was just how far Microsoft’s excitable CEO, **…**
[Microsoft gives up Yahoo hunt, leaves Google to bag the kill]( Ars Technica, MA - 8 hours ago By Anders Bylund | Published: May 04, 2008 – 01:27PM CT Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady. Romeo and Juliet. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Yahoo Shares Poised To Drop Monday As Microsoft Walks]( InformationWeek, NY - 8 hours ago Yahoo leaders Roy Bostock and Jerry Yang said they’re relieved that Microsoft has taken its merger proposal off the table. Will they still feel that way **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft pulls out of Yahoo deal]( Absolute Gadget, UK - 9 hours ago Microsoft has dropped its bid to buy Yahoo, after the two sides failed to agree on a sale price. The end of negotiations, which started three months ago, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft withdraws bid for Yahoo]( Howrah News Service, India - 9 hours ago By OUR CORRESPONDENT Bangalore, May 4: Micro-soft on Saturday announced that it had withdrawn its $47.5 billion bid to buy Yahoo. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[MS bid tried to check Google]( Howrah News Service, India - 9 hours ago By S. Raghotham Bangalore, May 4: Micro-soft is the leader when it comes to the desktop, with its Windows operating system commanding over 90 per cent of **…**![]([GOOG](
[Brier Dudley It looks like Microsoft came to its senses]( Seattle Times, United States - 9 hours ago People in Seattle used to throw fits about all the Californians coming here and mucking things up. Now it’s going the other direction, judging from the way **…**![]([MSFT](
[Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Bid]( TransWorldNews (press release), GA - 9 hours ago Microsoft abandoned its plan to overtake rival search giant Yahoo on Saturday after the two sides failed to agree on a price. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Yahoo shares boosted on bid hopes]( Tehran Times, Iran - 10 hours ago Shares in Yahoo jumped 7% amid expectation Microsoft is preparing to increase its bid for the company. Microsoft is reported to be talking to the internet **…**
[Microsoft-Yahoo Merger Collapse Could Prove Beneficial to AOL]( Wall Street Journal - 10 hours ago By GEORGE STAHL Time Warner Inc. and its AOL unit could become the biggest beneficiary in the breakdown of merger talks between Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [TWX](
[Microsoft’s On Again, Off Again Dance With Yahoo Off…For Now]( Adrants, MA - 10 hours ago Wait. Huh? OK, not that we didn’t know this deal would never happen but, please, can we just be done with it? Thankfully, it seems we are. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft drops bid for Yahoo]( Men’s News Daily, CA - 10 hours ago Microsoft has announced it is dropping it bid to acquire one of their Internet competitors, Yahoo, after a three-month courting effort by Microsoft. **…**
[Microsoft withdraws offer to buy Yahoo]( RIA Novosti, Russia - 10 hours ago NEW YORK, May 4 (RIA Novosti) – Microsoft Corp withdrew on Saturday its offer to buy Yahoo unwilling to pay an additional $5.5 billion for the Internet **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft withdraws bid for Yahoo]( - 10 hours ago Software maker walks away after it says it raised its offer to $46 billion – says economics demanded by Yahoo ‘do not make sense.’ By Mark M. Meinero, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Will End Up Buying Yahoo! Anyway]( Sys-Con Italia (Comunicati Stampa) - 10 hours ago Who else will write a check for Yahoo! for that amount? Larry Ellison? No. IBM? No. Google is not even in the picture Yahoo! founders Jerry Yang and David **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft Sweetens Yahoo Bid; Yahoo Again Declines; Microsoft **…**]( Marketing Vox News - 11 hours ago Following insider speculation that Microsoft had increased its bid for Yahoo “by a few dollars,” resulting in merger talks, Microsoft announced Saturday **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Does Ballmer Need To Go?]( TechCrunch, CA - 11 hours ago Microsoft’s dramatic decision this weekend to withdraw its offer for Yahoo and not pursue a hostile bid raises a whole host of questions. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo]( VietNamNet Bridge, Vietnam - 11 hours ago Microsoft announced Saturday it is withdrawing its offer for Yahoo in a surprise that stunned many industry analysts and Wall Street investors. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[MicroHoo Deal Collapses: What a Mess]( Traffick - 11 hours ago The following is just my take today. Others in my company, and me last week or a week from now, might feel differently. In the wake of Microsoft withdrawing **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Is Done Pursuing Yahoo!]( WebProNews, KY - 12 hours ago By Nathan Weinberg – Sun, 05/04/2008 – 11:14am. Microsoft announced it will not be going forward with its plan to buy Yahoo, after it was clear the two **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withrawls bid for Yahoo, Google wins]( ZDNet - 12 hours ago In a press release from Microsoft yesterday, Steve Ballmer said that it officially withdrawals it’s bid for the acquisition of Yahoo, and cites the deal **…**![]([GOOG]( – [YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft, Yahoo, and Web Workers]( WebWorkerDaily, CA - 12 hours ago Surely you’ve seen the news by now: Microsoft has called off its attempt to buy Yahoo!. While there’s plenty of analysis flying around the blogosphere, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Leaving Las Yahoo: Microsoft’s $5 Billion Mistake?]( Search Engine Land, CT - 12 hours ago If Microsoft’s walkaway from the Yahoo deal is indeed a ploy to save $5 billion, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may have proven himself pennywise and pound **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Logging off on Yahoo deal](,21985,23644147-664,00.html) Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 12 hours ago MICROSOFT pulled its $US50 billion ($A53.67 billion) offer for Yahoo at the weekend ending a four-month duel that captured the attention of US investors. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft give up bid for Yahoo!]( Times Online, UK - 12 hours ago Microsoft last night walked away from a three month, $47.5 billion fight to seize its larger internet rival Yahoo! in a move that will force the online **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer Avoids His AOL-Time Warner; Can’t Find His MySpace]( Conde Nast Portfolio, NY - 13 hours ago Oh, what the heck, let’s do both. Though we’ll go light on the praise part. Because Microsoft has proven itself to be horrendous at this whole M&A game. **…**![]([MSFT](
[Microsoft Rejects Yahoo’s Price Demands, Abandons Bid]( Washington Post, United States - 13 hours ago By Peter Whoriskey After weeks of negotiations and posturing, Microsoft is giving up its efforts to buy Yahoo, saying that the price the Internet firm is **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft scraps Yahoo bid]( TeleText, UK - 13 hours ago Microsoft has withdrawn its bid to buy Yahoo after efforts to negotiate a mutually acceptable sale price failed. The talks reached breaking point after **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Rescinds Yahoo Offer]( Dslreports - 13 hours ago There was a flurry of excitement this weekend when Microsoft and Yahoo resumed talk about a merger but it turns out the excitement was all for nothing. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft walks on Yahoo deal]( CIO Weblog, CA - 13 hours ago Microsoft finally withdrew itself from the brink of madness yesterday by formally withdrawing its proposal to purchase Yahoo, a conclusion which always **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Dumps Bid for Yahoo!](, Australia - 13 hours ago By Greg McNevin May 5, 2008: On Saturday Microsoft publicly withdrew its bid for Yahoo!, ending three months of intense speculation. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Shock and Awe: Microsoft Dumps Yahoo!]( Windows IT Pro, CO - 14 hours ago This weekend, Microsoft abruptly ended its takeover bid for ailing online giant Yahoo! after failing to come to terms on the value of the transaction. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer Pulls Microsoft Out Of Talks With Yahoo]( dBTechno, MA - 14 hours ago Boston (dbTechno) – Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has come out and stated that the company is no longer going to try and pursue the Internet **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft withdraws Yahoo offer]( MWC News, Canada - 14 hours ago By Agencies The decision came after Microsoft’s attempt to increase its offer price to $33 per share was rejected by Yahoo for not meeting the asking price **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft walks out of Yahoo deal (updated)](, UK - 14 hours ago After Yahoo failed to move on price (below), let alone meet Microsoft half way, the deal is off. Microsoft has released a statement and the text of the **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft pulls big money bid for Yahoo](, France - 15 hours ago Microsoft has walked away from its bid to buy Yahoo after failing to reach agreement on the price. Microsoft offered 21 euros per share with a total value **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid, rebuffing higher sale price](, MI - 15 hours ago By MICHAEL LIEDTKE AP SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft Corp. withdrew its $42.3 billion bid to buy Yahoo Inc. on Saturday, scrapping an attempt to snap up the **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[On Yahoo/ Microsoft: Jerry Yang Should Be Fired]( Seeking Alpha, NY - 15 hours ago So Microsoft (MSFT) has taken its ball and gone home: the company announced that it is withdrawing its bid for Yahoo (YHOO) after the company refused its **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo! bid](, United Kingdom - 15 hours ago By Richard Tyler Microsoft has ended takeover talks with Yahoo! after an increased £24 billion bid was rejected by the internet search icon. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Goes On Without Yahoo]( Enews 2.0, UK - 16 hours ago By Alexandre Carst On Saturday, Microsoft has decided to take back its offer to acquire Yahoo for $42.3 billion. After three months of continuous **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo! Bid]( Computer Shopper, NY - 16 hours ago We admit it: We really thought it would happen. It seemed inevitable that industry giant Microsoft would succeed in acquiring search company Yahoo! **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft/Yahoo Drama and Investing in Google]( Seeking Alpha, NY - 16 hours ago We sold our shares of Yahoo (YHOO) the week before last when the price hit our safety stop, which we were forced to place by the uncertainty surrounding a **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[From the Los Angeles Times](,0,181782.story) Chicago Tribune, United States - 16 hours ago The companies had engaged in takeover talks, but were unable to close a multibillion-dollar gap in price expectations. SAN FRANCISCO – Microsoft Corp. on **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft scraps Yahoo takeover bid]( Computing, UK - 16 hours ago Microsoft has scrapped plans to buy Yahoo after failing to reach agreement on a price and as the struggling internet firm threatened to forge closer links **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft Yahoo collapse: the winners and losers]( PC Pro, UK - 16 hours ago But who emerges from the episode with credit and for whom has it been a time to forget? Here we round of the winners and losers of the merger that never was **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft-Yahoo! – Yahoo! Dodges the Takeover Bullet As Microsoft **…**]( Sys-Con, Germany - 16 hours ago Ballmer: “While Yahoo! would have accelerated our strategy, I’m confident that we can continue to move forward toward our goals” “I am disappointed that **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withdraws offer tp acquire Yahoo]( Mister Info, Hong Kong - 17 hours ago The software giant Microsoft announced Saturday it was withdrawing its 46 billion offer to purchase internet group Yahoo, after three months of efforts and **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [WAR:IGR](
[Yahoo! & Microsoft Termination To Unleash The Hounds (YHOO, MSFT **…**]( 24/7 Wall St., NY - 17 hours ago It’s official. At 7:56 PM Saturday night, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) officially threw in the towel in its bid to acquire Yahoo! **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft drops bid to swallow Yahoo](, Canada - 17 hours ago By AP SAN FRANCISCO — Microsoft withdrew its US$42.3-billion bid to buy Yahoo yesterday, scrapping an attempt to snap up the Internet icon in hopes of **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[No deal for Yahoo and Microsoft]( ic Wales, United Kingdom - 17 hours ago MICROSOFT’S attempt to land search engine Yahoo came to nothing after the two sides today failed to agree an acceptable sale price. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Scraps Multi Billion-Dollar Bid To Buy Yahoo]( Gigwise, UK - 17 hours ago by Jason Gregory Computer giant Microsoft has dropped its $42.3billion offer to buy the Internet search engine Yahoo. Negotiations ended yesterday (May 3rd) **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft without Yahoo]( BBC News, UK - 18 hours ago By Tim Weber So who is the loser then, now that Microsoft has withdrawn its takeover bid for rival Yahoo? On the face of it, both companies are. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[MicroHoo: BoomTown’s Favorite Email Haiku Analysis]( All Things D Blogs, CA - 18 hours ago BoomTown gets a lot of emails from Web players, big and small, commenting or, more typically, griping on whatever tech topic is hot that day. **…**
[Google’s shadow hung over Microsoft-Yahoo deal]( Computerworld, Norway - 19 hours ago In the end, Google played a significant part in the undoing of Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo, the latest example of Google’s ability to interfere with **…**![]([GOOG]( – [MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft walks away from Yahoo! bid]( Edmonton Journal, Canada - 19 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO / Microsoft Corp. walked away from its bid to buy Yahoo! Inc. after the Internet company rejected its offer to raise the price by $5 billion **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft abandons $47.5bn Yahoo! bid]($1221391.htm), UK - 19 hours ago Microsoft has called off its bid for Yahoo! after the internet company rejected a $47.5 billion offer. A letter from Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo being greedy…: reader comment from RegisteredUser999]( CNET Blogs, CA - 19 hours ago I agree with Steve Ballmer. It doesn’t make sense to buy up a company/service if these are true: 2.) Outsources their resources? This leads to future breach **…**![]([YHOO](
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[Microsoft scraps Yahoo takeover bid]( The Press Association - 19 hours ago Microsoft has withdrawn its 42.3 billion dollar (£21.4 billion) bid to buy Yahoo!, scrapping an attempt to snap up the internet icon in hopes of toppling **…**
[Q&A: Microsoft ends Yahoo bid]( BBC News, UK - 19 hours ago The software giant, Microsoft, has withdrawn its offer for internet services company Yahoo after the two failed to agree on a price. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft drops Yahoo bid over Google partnership](, United Kingdom - 19 hours ago By Duncan Hooper and agencies Microsoft has dropped its bid to buy Yahoo, blaming the company’s attempts to build relationships with rival Google. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Yahoo dismisses MS’ bid as ‘distraction’]( Economic Times, India - 19 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO: Yahoo on Saturday dismissed Microsoft’s aborted takeover bid as a “distraction,” promising the struggling Internet pioneer is poised for **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Yahoo]( OS News - 19 hours ago Earlier this year, Microsoft offered to purchase search engine company Yahoo, however, the board of directors of Yahoo shot the offer down beause it **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer: I Hereby Withdraw Microsoft’s Proposal To Acquire Yahoo]( eFluxMedia - 20 hours ago By Dee Chisamera No deal! It’s official: after months and months of negotiations, with Microsoft saying YES, and Yahoo saying NO, it was Microsoft’s turn to **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microhoo dead? Microsoft and Yahoo part ways – for now]( iTWire, Australia - 20 hours ago by Alex Zaharov-Reutt Microsoft has decided to withdraw from its bid to buy Yahoo, with Steve Ballmer citing Yahoo’s demand for US $37 per share as just too **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft officially withdraws Yahoo Bid]( I4U - 20 hours ago Microsoft published the letter Steve Ballmer sent to Jerry Yang. Microsoft was willing to increase the offer to $33 per share. Because Yahoo is possibly **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft withdraws proposal to acquire Yahoo]( AFP - 20 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — Microsoft has yanked its proposal to acquire Yahoo, saying the struggling Internet pioneer refused to budge on price despite the **…**
[Walking away…]( BBC News, UK - 20 hours ago I thought too much was at stake for Steve Ballmer, for Microsoft to walk away from Yahoo. But he was speaking the truth to staff when he said on Thursday he **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Rush of Microsoft and Yahoo talks preceded end]( Reuters - 20 hours ago By Anupreeta Das SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – After three months of waiting, the end of Microsoft Corp’s pursuit of Yahoo Inc ended in a rush. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Gives Up Yahoo Takeover Bid]( Epoch Times, NY - 20 hours ago By Suman Srinivasan US businessman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation Steve Ballmer (L) and Chief Internet Strategist of Orascom Telecom **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [CAI:ORTE](
[Microsoft drops Yahoo bid](, UK - 20 hours ago Microsoft has withdrawn its offer for Yahoo as negotiations fell through on an acceptable sale price. The software company had raised its original offer **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft walks away from deal with Yahoo]( San Francisco Chronicle, USA - 20 hours ago (05-03) 20:43 PDT SUNNYVALE — Unable to agree on a price, Microsoft Corp. withdrew its bid for Yahoo Inc. Saturday, putting an end to the three-month **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Q&A: CEO Steve Ballmer, Before Microsoft Walked Away]( Wall Street Journal - 20 hours ago By ROBERT A. GUTH With a letter Saturday afternoon, Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer withdrew his company’s bid to buy Yahoo Inc., ending three **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo Bid]( ABC Live, India - 20 hours ago New York (ABC Live): Yahoo takeover has reached in stalemate when Microsoft withdrew its bid to buy one of the leading online search engines company Yahoo. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid]( Irish Times, Ireland - 20 hours ago Microsoft Corp has withdrawn its offer to buy Yahoo after the Internet company turned down its latest offer to raise the price by $5 billion (€3.23 billion **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft drops bid to buy Yahoo!](, Ireland - 21 hours ago Microsoft has dropped its three-month-old bid to buy Internet firm Yahoo! because the two sides cannot agree on a price. The deal fell through because Yahoo **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[No Microhoo – Microsoft terminates bid on Yahoo](, Australia - 21 hours ago By Erna Mahyuni It’s over – all the speculation may cease as Microsoft has decided to stop pursuing its Yahoo bid. After Yahoo rejected its initial bid, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft says deal is off to buy Yahoo]( Santa Rosa Press Democrat, CA - 21 hours ago By MIGUEL HELFT and ANDREW ROSS SORKIN Microsoft said Saturday it was abandoning its blockbuster bid to acquire Yahoo after it raised its offer by $5 **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo, Microsoft deal back on track?]( San Jose Mercury News, USA - 21 hours ago By Pete Carey Yahoo shares jumped nearly 7 percent Friday on expectations that a deal to sell the Sunnyvale Internet company to Microsoft could be announced **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft pulls its Yahoo offer]( CNET, CA - 21 hours ago Microsoft is withdrawing its offer for Yahoo after talks between the two companies broke down on Saturday, a source told CNET **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Drops Yahoo Bid As Sweetened Bid Rejected]( RTT News, NY - 21 hours ago 5/4/2008 2:04:28 AM After over three months of unfruitful negotiations, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) seemed to have lost patience with Internet giant Yahoo! **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo bid, rebuffing higher sale price]( The Associated Press - 21 hours ago SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Microsoft Corp. withdrew its $42.3 billion bid to buy Yahoo Inc. on Saturday, scrapping an attempt to snap up the tarnished Internet **…**
[Microsoft withdraws Yahoo bid]( San Jose Mercury News, USA - 21 hours ago By Pete Carey Microsoft dropped its bid to buy Yahoo on Saturday after negotiations stalemated on price, with the Redmond, Wash. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Abandons Bid For Yahoo – Update 1]( RTT News, NY - 22 hours ago 5/4/2008 1:27:52 AM The ‘battle royale’ is all over! Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has decided to walk away from the Yahoo! deal as the two companies couldn’t come **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Drops Yahoo Takeover Bid](, NY - 22 hours ago Over the past two months, it seemed like Microsoft’s takeover of Yahoo would never happen. And guess what? It didn’t. Microsoft Corporation said Saturday **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft abandons bid for Yahoo]( GulfNews, United Arab Emirates - 22 hours ago Seattle: Microsoft has abandoned its bid for Yahoo after the two sides failed to agree on a price, the world’s largest software maker said on Saturday. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Xinhua world economic news summary at 0450 GMT, May 4]( Trading Markets (press release), CA - 22 hours ago May 04, 2008 (Xinhua via COMTEX) — — Microsoft has withdrawn its offer for Yahoo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Saturday. “After careful consideration **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO]( – [OTC:CMTX](
[Microsoft abandons Yahoo! acquisition](, India - 22 hours ago Software giant Microsoft said on Saturday it had pulled its offer for Yahoo after a higher offer failed to move the internet company. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer Throws in the Towel on Yahoo Bid]( - 22 hours ago In a surprise move, Microsoft’s CEO withdraws his offer for search provider Yahoo, citing economic differences. After months of braggadocio, proclamations, **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
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[Forget It, Ballmer Says To Yahoo!]( Forbes, NY - 23 hours ago Jerry Yang got his way. Now he’ll have to prove it was worth the fight. In the past week, Microsoft sweetened its bid from the original level of $31 a share **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[2ND LD: Microsoft gives up bid to acquire Yahoo+]( TMCnet - 23 hours ago US software giant Microsoft Corp. said Saturday it has given up its bid to acquire major Internet portal Yahoo Inc. as the two sides failed to agree on the **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
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[Microsoft-Yahoo deal could boost Google]( The Oregonian –, OR - 23 hours ago SAN JOSE, Calif. — One of the biggest players behind Microsoft’s drive to buy Yahoo has never been at the bargaining table: Google. **…**![]([GOOG]( – [MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Walks, But Some See Just Another Negotiating Ploy]( - 23 hours ago SAN FRANSICO -(Dow Jones)- Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) claimed victory late Saturday after Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) said it was walking away from its unsolicited **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo]( Radio New Zealand, New Zealand - 23 hours ago Microsoft Corp withdrew its offer for Yahoo Inc on Saturday as negotiations fell through on price, even after the software giant raised its bid by about **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft yanks Yahoo bid]( Seattle Times, United States - 23 hours ago By Benjamin J. Romano In his statement Saturday after Microsoft announced it had dropped its bid for Yahoo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
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[Yahoo still in talks with other partners-source](, UK - 23 hours ago NEW YORK, May 3 (Reuters) – Yahoo Inc is still holding talks with other potential partners after Microsoft Corp withdrew its unsolicited bid for the company **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Yahoo’s Next Move](,8599,1737364,00.html) TIME - 23 hours ago Yahoo never really wanted to be bought by Microsoft. Although Jerry Yang repeatedly said that he would consider Microsoft’s bid, he showed little interest **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withdraws offer for Yahoo]( Reuters UK, UK - 23 hours ago By Anupreeta Das SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp withdrew its offer for Yahoo on Saturday as negotiations fell through on price, even after the **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Who Will Microsoft Buy Now With the $50 Billion Change Left? AOL **…**](, CA - 23 hours ago By Rafat Ali – Sat 03 May 2008 08:36 PM PST Despite the fact that Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has withdrawn its offer to buy Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), **…**![]([MSFT](
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[Microsoft Abandons Its Bid To Acquire Yahoo]( TopNews, India - May 3, 2008 The “Yahoo Microsoft Deadlock” finally came to an end on Saturday when the Redmond, Washington based software giant, Microsoft decided to withdraw its **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft Drops Bid for Yahoo]( BusinessWeek - May 3, 2008 by Robert Hof Microsoft (MSFT) announced on May 3 it was dropping its unsolicited bid to buy Yahoo! (YHOO). The surprise move came after a day in which it **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Blame it on Google]( - May 3, 2008 Microsoft CEO Ballmer said the software giant decided to walk away from bid because Yahoo would become ‘undesirable’ if it formed an alliance with Google. **…**![]([GOOG]( – [YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft may go hostile in its bid for Yahoo, announcement **…**]( Hindustan Times, India - May 3, 2008 Yahoo Inc has announced it will replace Google as T-Mobile’s preferred web services provider in Europe. Yahoo turned down Microsoft Corp’s offer on Monday. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[A Deal Not to Be]( Conde Nast Portfolio, NY - May 3, 2008 by Kevin Kelleher May 3 2008 Expanded: New regulations would end some lucrative credit-card practices that have long irritated consumers. **…**
[Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Takeover](, OR - May 3, 2008 By Geoff Duncan After three dramatic months, Microsoft has officially ended its bid to take over Internet giant Yahoo because the companies failed to agree **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft steps back from Yahoo bid]( Apple Insider, VA - May 3, 2008 By Aidan Malley A takeover that would have created one of the largest single rivals to Internet giant Google has been abruptly canceled, as Microsoft has **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Guessing Yahoo’s Opening Stock Price]( New York Times, United States - May 3, 2008 The company managed to fend off Microsoft’s unwanted advances, even after the software giant sweetened its bid by $5 billion — an amount Yahoo felt still **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[MicroHoo: The Odd Couple Meetings Led Nowhere]( All Things D Blogs, CA - May 3, 2008 I guess you could say Yahoo and Microsoft tried, holding a series of meetings that ended up proving exactly how incompatible the companies were. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [IST:KCHOL](
[Microsoft-Yahoo: RIP]( - May 3, 2008 Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT) are going their separate ways. Microsoft withdrew its proposal to acquire Yahoo Saturday, after the sides failed to reach **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft walks: Five reasons why it’sa good move]( ZDNet - May 3, 2008 Last ditch talks about a friendly merger between Microsoft and Yahoo unraveled when Yahoo wouldn’t budge from an asking price of $37, $4 a share more than **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[What Microsoft Will Buy Now]( Forbes, NY - May 3, 2008 Ballmer’s objective wasn’t to buy Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO – news – people ). He instead is only interested in one goal: trying to speed up how fast Microsoft **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft’s move: Is it just a feint?]( CNET, CA - May 3, 2008 Microsoft says its offer for Yahoo is off the table, but could this be just a negotiating ploy? It’s a natural question to ask. I mean, if Microsoft has had **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Abandons Yahoo Takeover After Price Fight (Update3)]( Bloomberg - May 3, 2008 By Amy Thomson and Crayton Harrison May 3 (Bloomberg) — Microsoft Corp. walked away from its bid for Yahoo! Inc. after failing to agree on a price, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Ballmer’s e-mail to staff on Yahoo]( CNET, CA - May 3, 2008 This afternoon I sent the attached letter to Jerry Yang announcing that Microsoft has withdrawn its proposal to acquire Yahoo. We proposed the deal in the **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft backs out of Yahoo bid]( Electronista, CA - May 3, 2008 Microsoft tonight triggered surprise by withdrawing its bid for Yahoo. Company chief Steve Ballmer has validated earlier public comments expressing doubt **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Ballmer Calls Yang’s Bluff: Microsoft Walks]( Barron’s Blogs - May 3, 2008 Microsoft confirmed that it raised its bid for the company to $33 a share, but said Yahoo refused to sell for less than $37. “Despite our best efforts, **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Withdraws Bid for Yahoo]( ClickZ News, NY - May 3, 2008 Microsoft today withdrew its bid to acquire Yahoo, opting against raising its offer $5 billion more or pursuing a hostile takeover. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft withdraws bid to by Yahoo](, Thailand - May 3, 2008 Washington , May 4 (ANI): Microsoft Corp. has withdrawn its 42.3 billion dollar bid to buy Yahoo Inc. The decision to walk away was taken late on Saturday **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Will Microsoft Really Walk?]( New York Times, United States - May 3, 2008 Microsoft insists that it would acquire Yahoo only on its own terms. Now it said that it will withdraw its offer, after the Internet giant rebuffed a **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[MICROSOFT DROPS BID FOR YAHOO]( New York Post, NY - May 3, 2008 By ZACHERY KOUWE The Microsoft boss yesterday decided to abandon his $42 billion takeover of Yahoo! after raising his offer by $5 billion today- from $29 a **…**![]([MSFT]( – [TYO:4689]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft unwilling to pay new bid for Yahoo](, Canada - May 3, 2008 Software giant Microsoft has walked away from its bid to buy Yahoo, saying the latest asking price of US$53 billion, or $37 per share, is too high. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[No MSFT-YHOO deal; now what?]( LiveSide - May 3, 2008 Microsoft just walked away from its proposed acquisition of Yahoo!, ending 3 months of speculation on what would ultimately happen. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT]( – [GOOG](
[Microsoft Withdraws Yahoo! Offer]( - May 3, 2008 MicrosoftMSFT Saturday said it had withdrawn its offer to acquire Yahoo!YHOO after the Internet search company rejected a sweetened bid. **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](
[Microsoft Walks! Says Yahoo Demands Don’t Make Sense]( Wired News - May 3, 2008 By Betsy Schiffman May 03, 2008 | 8:51:21 PMCategories: MicroHoo, Microsoft, Yahoo After a long, tense week of deliberations, Microsoft said it plans to **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[Microsoft cancels Yahoo bid]( Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - May 3, 2008 Microsoft has withdrawn its proposal to acquire Yahoo, Microsoft CEO Stephen Ballmer said in a letter to Yahoo made public today. **…**![]([YHOO]( – [MSFT](
[OK, so what’s Microsoft’s plan B?]( CNET, CA - May 3, 2008 With Yahoo apparently off the table, it’s time to see what Microsoft’s back-up plan looks like. Microsoft has said for some time that it has a strategy with **…**![]([MSFT]( – [YHOO](