Guy Kawasaki Interviews Robert Scoble At Stanford Web Publishing Course

It’s hard to come by exclusives in the tech blogosphere, but I’m betting I have the exclusive blog post on this: Guy Kawasaki interviewing Robert Scoble at the Stanford Web Publishing Course. I’m here along with them and a bunch of other web-savvy “faculty” helping a group of publishers get more web savvy — my talk is about blogging, so I thought this post would be a fun prop.

The session is called “Why Are Your Watching This Session When You Could Be Twittering, Podcasting, Blogging, and Truemoring?” (Promised Guy I would link to Truemors.)

It was professionally video taped, but I did the “citizen journalist” thing and used the crumby video record function on my 5 year old digital camera. It only does three minutes of low resolution video, but hopefully you’ll agree that the following videos capture the “spirit” of the first segment of the interview (which is all I captured) — Scoble telling the story of how he became Scoble.