Big News

Lots of big news today — here are the headlines:

  1. I’ve left Atlantic Media to co-found a new venture with Robert Young — Publish2, Inc (yes, the brand associations are quite intentional) — check out Introducing Publish2: Networked News, on the Publish2 blog.
  2. Robert will be now be blogging on Publishing 2.0 — if you’re a regular reader, you’ve seen him do a few guest posts, but it’s now official.
  3. Publishing 2.0 has a fantastic new design by Joshua Porter of Bokardo — if you’re reading this in RSS or email, please click through to the site to check it out.

Here are the details.

I left Atlantic Media last month to pursue a new venture that we’re calling Publish2. As the brand suggests, Publish2 is the culmination of everything I’ve ever written on Publishing 2.0. With Publish2, I’m literally putting my money where my mouth is — as co-founder and CEO of Publish2, I’m betting that I can make the leap from thinking about the future of media to actually making it happen. (You know the old saying, those who can, do, those who can’t, blog about it.)

If you’re curious to know more about Publish2, check out the Publish2 blog. Here’s a little preview: Publish2 is a social network and 2.0 platform for journalists (and independent “news bloggers,” “citizen” journalists, student journalists, i.e. ALL journalists, BROADLY defined), which aims to put journalists at the center of news on the web.

My partnership with Robert on Publish2 began as mutual admiration for each other’s blogging (you may be familiar with the column Robert wrote for GigaOm), so it seems fitting that he should blog with me on Publishing 2.0.

As for the future of the Publishing 2.0 blog, this will continue to be my soapbox, as it always has been (with Robert joining in). As the CEO of a startup, I will of course have a built in bias — but then, Publishing 2.0 hasn’t exactly been lacking in point of view. What I can promise you is that, on Publishing 2.0, I will continue to offer my frank, honest, no bullshit, sometimes right, sometimes (completely) wrong, but, hopefully, always entertaining perspective on the future of media.

As for the new design, it’s the handiwork of Joshua Porter, who has long been one of the most insightful and provocative thinkers on social media design, on his blog, Bokardo. Josh has also recently struck out on his own, with Bokardo Design, and it’s my privilege to be one of his first clients. If you’d like to know more about the thought that went into the design, read About the Design (and find out about the icons in the header).

So that’s the news…please go check out my post over at the Publish2 BlogIntroducing Publish2: Networked News.