Twitter Is Now An Extension Of My Blogging
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Twitter Is Now An Extension Of My Blogging

It didn’t take long, but I’m now posting things to Twitter that are very much an extension of what I post on this blog. There may have been a few instances where I posted a link or a thought to Twitter that might have previously been a blog post, but I’m not sure.

I’m definitely using Twitter for Publishing 2.0-type observations that are too short for a blog post. I’ve never used for link blogging because I’ve always preferred to create fully fleshed out blog posts that tie together different items I might bookmark. But Twitter is proving to be a great outlet for these short items of interest. And the great thing about Twitter vs. is that Twitter sometimes talks back.

For example:

scottkarp Advertisers pulling ads from Facebook:

chrisod @scottkarp much ado about nothing? does anybody really think a banner ad implies endorsement of content? Thought we were over this years ago

scottkarp @chrisod Facebook can tell the advertisers their concerns are passe, but it won’t get revenue back – display ads on Facebook = stupid


scottkarp House bill requires bloggers to make $$$$ to qualify for journalist shield law:

Both of these examples may yield a blog post when I have time, but I’ll share it on Twitter first, and maybe Twitter only if I end up not finding time to write a blog post.

Of course, I’m also sharing the mundane facts about my day that definitely would have no place on this blog, but that’s part of the strange and wonderful Twitter mix.

If you have any interest in following me on Twitter and or discovering what Twitter is all about, you don’t have to actually post to Twitter yourself — or you can make your posts invite only if you want to experiment.

But I highly recommend that you try it — set up a Twitter account and add a bunch of people, maybe bloggers you follow who, like me, are also posting to Twitter. Then install Twitterrific or a similar real-time app (for you poor Windows users) to watch the flow.

But I recommend you try posting too — you won’t have the full experience unless you contribute as well as follow.