SPONSOR MESSAGE: Syndicate Digital Editions With The NXTwidget

1. **What is NXTWidget?** The [NXTwidget](http://nxtbook.com/why/widget.php) is a web widget. Readers of a publisher’s website can scroll through thumbnails of the digital edition and search inside the digital edition for keyword content. One click opens the digital edition on the page the reader has selected. 2. **Where?**It’s a web widget, designed to go on a publisher’s website. For that reason, sizes and colors can be easily tweaked. 3. **How?** The NXTwidget is fed by an RSS feed published with every digital edition. This is one of the greatest features of all – the minute your NXTbook is published, your widget updates itself. 5. **Why?** The easy answer is, *“Why not?”* We’ve been publishing RSS feeds for digital editions for quite a while and wanted to do something cool with them. But a better answer is this: Previously, with digital editions, we’d send a publisher a link to their newest NXTbook. They’d forward the link to their website person who would update the link. This meant people were involved and when busy people are involved, sites don’t always get updated quickly. Now, the moment the publisher goes live with the NXTbook, the newest content is promoted on the website via the NXTwidget. 6. **When?** NXTwidgets are available for our publishers now. Feel free to click or search your way through the widget. For more examples of NXTwidgets, click [here](http://nxtbook.com/why/widget.php). 7. **You didn’t say how much.** Thanks for reminding me. NXTwidgets are FREE, included with every NXTbook.