Media 2.0 Workgroup Launches
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Media 2.0 Workgroup Launches

Media 2.0 WorkgroupToday the Media 2.0 Workgroup launches as a collection of voices on the revolution in media, which for my part boils down to the observation that everything, from software to socializing to corporate branding, is now media. Organizer Chris Saad describes it thusly:

The Media 2.0 Workgroup is a group of industry commentators, agitators and innovators who believe that the phenomena of democratic participation will change the face of Media Creation, Distribution and Consumption. Join the conversation…

Chris has brought together a great cross-section of voices on new media: Ben Metcalfe, Daniela Barbosa, Jeremiah Owyang, Jeff Pulver, Suw Charman & Kevin Anderson, Frank Gruber, Ian Forrester, Marianne Richmond, and Jeneane Sessum.

You can subscribe to the entire workgroup in a single feed.

Thanks to Chris for setting this up. Should be fun.