Why Are the Top Technorati Blogs Still Dominated by Tech/Geek and Politics?
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Why Are the Top Technorati Blogs Still Dominated by Tech/Geek and Politics?

I noticed that Engadget has ascended to the top spot of the Tecnhorati Top 100. Scanning down the Top 20, I was struck by the dominance of Tech/Geek blogs and Political blogs.

  1. Engadget — TECH/GEEK
  2. �� ��蕾 新浪BLOG
  3. Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things – TECH/GEEK
  4. Gizmodo, The Gadget Guide — TECH/GEEK
  5. The Huffington Post — POLITICS
  6. Daily Kos: State of the Nation — POLITICS
  7. Techcrunch — TECH/GEEK
  8. PostSecret
  9. Lifehacker, the Productivity and Software Guide — TECH/GEEK
  10. Crooks and Liars — POLITICS
  11. 燕西的互�网生活 燕西 �客屋 记录我们的生活
  12. Michelle Malkin — POLITICS
  13. Think Progress — POLITICS
  14. Gawker, Manhattan Media News and Gossip
  15. Official Google Blog — TECH/GEEK
  16. Autoblog– TECH/GEEK
  17. Instapundit.com — POLITICS
  18. Scobleizer Tech Geek Blogger — TECH/GEEK
  19. Blog di Beppe Grillo — POLITICS
  20. A List Apart: A List Apart — TECH/GEEK

To some degree, this is still a reflection of longevity — Tech/Geeks and Politicos dominated the vanguard of blogging. But the Top 100 list includes more recently launched blogs, like The Huffington Post, Guy Kawasaki’s blog, and ABC New’s The Blotter. Of course, they fit into the same two categories.

Browsing Technorati, you can find blogs on virtually any topic (gardening, for example), so it’s not that blogging hasn’t penetrated every niche. But so far, blogging has only really scaled in Tech/Geek and Politics.

Technorati ranking reflects cross-linking and not total blog readership, so it may be that other categories have great readership, but readers don’t all have their own blogs (as they seem to in Tech/Geek and Politics).

You can see this sample bias in a more extreme form in Technorati’s Most Favorited list, where the ranking is still determined by very small numbers. Publishing 2.0 currently ranks #74 based on being favorited by a whopping 75 members. Sure it was fun to be ahead of Matt Cutts for a while, but it’s obviously not a reflection of reality.