Lawyers and Lobbyists Invade the Network
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Lawyers and Lobbyists Invade the Network

Just when you thought it was safe, lawyers and lobbyists have taken over TechMeme:

CMP Media Trademarks Web 2.0

Tim O’Reilly is being blamed, which would be deeply ironic — “Web 2.0″ is a “service mark” — gotta love that. Shel Israel hopes it’s just corporate lawyers run amok. Either way, there’s already hell to pay.

Cablevision Being Sued Over DVR Service
TV networks and Hollywood aren’t happy about Cablevision’s plan to provide consumers with DVR storage space on Cablevision’s servers, obviating the need for a DVR device and likely increasing the practice of “time shifting” — and, of course, ad skipping.

House Panel Votes for Net Neutrality
House takes a major step towards legislating the terms of internet access — one-price fits all.

RIAA Enjoys Legal and Legislative Wins

RIAA has used the courts and Congress to smack down peer-to-peer networks. Carry a big stick and swing wildly.

Take comfort knowing that the 2.0 revolution will be fully litigated and legislated.