Publishing 2.0 Is #93 Most Favorite Blog
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Publishing 2.0 Is #93 Most Favorite Blog

Hugh MacLeod pointed to his position on Technorati’s new Top 100, which is based on who appears on the most Technorati Favorites lists. Scrolling down, I was flabbergasted to see Publishing 2.0 is #93 above The Huffington Post (UPDATE: It’s now #94, and may be gone by the time you read this).

A few thoughts on this:

– The extremely small numbers that determine this ranking demonstrate that, despite all the hype, not many people are using Technorati Favorites yet (big surprise)

– The disproportionate representation of technology/Web 2.0/media blogs compared to the original Top 100 (which is based on links) suggests that this feature is manly being used by the geek crowd that hyped it up when it was first introduced

– The current ranking will likely change dramatically if people start to actually use the feature (was fun to see myself there before I disappear)

It would be interesting to see who is on whose favorites list (which is not a current feature).

At this point, it still feels like a popularity contest ego-fest — which is a shame, because Technorati has the reach and the brand, but they’re not really innovating with it.

(Of course, I wouldn’t stop you from adding Publishing 2.0 to your Technorati Favorites if you’re so inclined: Add to Technorati Favorites!)