Rebooting My Brain
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Rebooting My Brain

I can’t believe that whole ridiculous discussion about gatekeepers (in which I was a ridiculous participant) is still at the top of tech.memeorandum. Umair was right:

Ever since I’ve started using [memeorandum] to the point where it replaces many of my other sources, I have gotten stupider.

I can feel it – I don’t think as fast, flexibly, or freely.

This is a well-known phenomenon in psych and econ – I’ve been locking myself into a diet of reinforcing information. Nothing really challenges my beliefs, and so I get hyperpolarized, or echo-chambered, sure – but the deeper effect is that I also get stupid, fast.

I need to reboot my brain — I’m swearing off blogging about blogging, tech.memeorandum and the whole echo chamber thing (at least for a week — that’s step 1 in the 15-step program). I can’t promise I’ll be more insightful as a result, but at least I’ll be talking about something else.

I’m hopping off the wagon long enough to point to this New York Magazine article on The Blog Establishment, which gives a mainstream treatment to all of our navel-gazing.

I can’t believe linking to that New York article generated a link to this dopey post on tech.memeorandum — how suitably ironic. But that’s it! Don’t try to tempt me — I’m back on the wagon. Click on Publishing 2.0 in the header above and read my most recent posts (more to come) –> no temptation! Not one drop!