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Support Philly Future

From Karl Martino at Philly Future — corporations see blogs as media they can manipulate. If it happened to Karl, it can happen to any of us. Please blog about this and show your support:

Here goes a strike against grassroots (efforts without $6million dollar backer) civil journalism sites….

Without naming any names….

A user on our site published two stories related to an event that occured late last year.

There was a firm related to this event – one with ALOT of financial resources
and influence in our region.

The event was a disasterous flop – so much so it was covered by our local mainstream media.

Our user posted his opinion about the event and linked and quoted mainstream news stories about it.

The firm has filed suit against a number of folks involved and against smaller members of our mainstream media.

The firm has threatened us to remove those posts – due to the damages
they are causing – or face consequences.

We have a pro bono law team. It will cannot help us in case of lawsuit. It doesn’t think we’ve done anything – anything – wrong – but since we have no resources to fight – money that is – we should remove those posts and comply with that businesses wishes.

Only when backed by money and institution can an independent ward off
threats like this.

If we blow this up on the web – some may come to help – but chances
are not – we are too small for that kind of rallying cry.