Starting From Scratch

I came across Stowe Boyd’s new indepdent blog, /Message, and his plea for help in working his way up from zero on the Technorati food chain. Still near the bottom of the curve myself, I feel Stowe’s pain. Since I’ve been the beneficiary of much blogosphere goodwill in getting links to Publishing 2.0, I thought I would contribute some good karma and lend a hand to a fellow blogger with some links to his site.

Of course, Stowe already has a reputation for the great blogging he’s done at Get Real, on the Corante network, so he really doesn’t need my help. But hopefully the thought still counts.

Worth noting: in his post, Stowe points out “Eh? List,” which “collects statistics about your blog from all around the blogosphere.” The site is of course aggregating from other sites, but the interesting discovery was a link to Google’s blog search. Low and behold, I found some sites linking to Publishing 2.0 that aren’t showing up in Technorati (at least not yet). Worth checking out for those of you keeping score for your sites.