Must-Read Articles - 1/6/05
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Must-Read Articles - 1/6/05

Fortune 500 Marketing Chiefs to Increase Online Spending
Top advertisers are planning to allocate a larger percentage of their ad spending to online than to magazines or newspapers.

Old Media’s Mobile Future
Publishers who want to realize the value of their content brands in the Digital Age need to embrace mobile.

Is Your Googlephobia Justified?
Google has fundamentally changed media economics — Google may want every ad dollar, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get it.

Newsvine Launches
Tagging and folksonomy comes to news articles — will be fascinating to see how collective intelligence orders and prioritizes the news…and whether their as good as editors.

Live from CES: Hands On with the Sony Reader
The horse and carriage met the Ford Model T. Print publications will meet their Model T…it may or may not be Sony’s Reader, but it’s coming.

Technology Review and the future of publishing
MIT’s Technology Review embraces publishing in the Digital Age.

Wikipedia’s co-founder eyes a Digital Universe
PBS for the web (hopefully without the political strings attached to funding) — analogy is drawn between Digital Universe vs Google/Yahoo/MSN and PBS vs. the three broadcast networks, but where does the blogosphere fit in?

McGraw-Hill Slashes 500 Jobs
The publishing layoffs continue — BusinessWeek laid off it Europe and Asia presses — how about keeping the talent and laying off the US presses.